We’ve only recently moved into our new, debt-free building on North Cliff Avenue.

Early in our history we met in northern Sioux Falls in a green metal building. In time we grew and moved to a location on Marion Road, and then we grew a little more. We desired a facility large enough to accommodate any additional growth and still modest enough in rent to assist our goal of purchasing our own property without borrowing. As a result, we moved to a yellow Morton building on the outskirts of Tea, SD and remained there until our new building on the north edge of Sioux Falls was built.

Grace Baptist Church began in Sioux Falls in 1991. Our approach has always been quite simple: We’re striving to do God’s work God’s way. We believe His way is laid out very clearly in the Bible. So, much effort has been invested in praying, studying the Scriptures hard, teaching them faithfully, and seeking by God’s grace to obey what we learn. Our goal has never been specifically to grow in numbers. We do want to grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord. We trust that as we do we will be increasingly equipped and used to serve more of our community.

This approach has not grown us into a mega church. We trust it is God who has developed us to the humble point where we are now, serving around 20 households of people generally quite serious about the things of God, and we look to Him to guide us as we move ahead.