Our approach is to build strong families and then, through their initiative and the church’s guidance, see good works arise. We do not want to fill up each night with church activities that keep people away from the home.

For example, we are evangelistic—we have provided training in how to witness for Christ—but we do not have a day of the week formally set for the church to go out. We do not have a soup kitchen; but we do encourage families to make their homes centers of hospitality.

We have not set up a children’s church or youth ministry segregating children from their parents. We have, however, established a Youth Prayer League. All the family is encouraged to attend, but attention is directed especially toward sons and daughters to train them in the service and disciplines of a prayer life. YPL meets on Wednesday nights during the school year.

We have special meetings (for the ladies, just for men, topical issues, etc.) and service opportunities as we discern that the Lord is leading.

But again, the primary emphasis is on building strong homes.