The Bible teaches that when sin entered the world, all things in the world were corrupted. That would mean that music too was corrupted.

It would be convenient to say otherwise to accommodate man’s tastes and avoiding controversy. It would be convenient to say music is neutral and only words are good or bad. That position places instrumental music in the unique category of a design of God which can not be abused even in the hands of sinful man. It also casts God as having no opinion about instrumental music. If this disposition were the case, then anything goes.

We hold, however, that God does have a design for music which can be honored. This is not a field where we claim to have all the answers, but at the least we see the need for caution and humble inquiry.

There is not space here to discuss all that is involved, but we can say for the sake of clarity that we see the joining of rock music and Christian lyrics to be an unholy union. We do not allow Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) in our worship services.

We see the necessity of having a standard of excellence in music. We want fresh, invigorating, diverse, and doctrinally rich music. As the church grows and matures we are gradually moving toward this goal.